Christmas in Compton

The first annual "Christmas in Compton," with with the artist The Game, his son, and Kumasi was held at Mt. Pilgrim Church in Compton 300 S. Santa Fe 90221. The neighborhood is just blocks away from where Game and Kumasi were brought up. Toys were purchased by Game himself and other toys were donated by Matel Toys. Clothes from Travis Barkers filled a mini van with items from toddler to men. The Game's Black Wall Street line donated t shirts and BWS Polos. All of the children and there families were able to get a picture and autograph with the artist. A thankful community consisting of Polynesian, Hispanic, and African children and parents, crowd control was not an issue. Next year they hope to have more Churches and Mosques apart of organizing this event. Kumasi says, "I first took the idea to the ILM foundation who is known to put together the "Humanitarian Day" feed the homeless event down town each Ramadan.The ILM foundation had a source that just recently gave its toys away at another event...May ALLAH allow us to serve ALLAH's creation."

In a time when Muslims think that giving dawah is in a pamphlet or cute slogans on a t-shirt, my brother understands that the best dawah is in your actions.
Our Prophet (S.A.W.) said in terms of reward - "Whoever guides another to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs." What better deed than to lead another to Islam or the words of Shahadah. I would love to see more Muslims out in the communities showing the poor and destitute the light of Islam. Inshallah, we can all make an intention for 2010.

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