Fresh Era

In this crazy era of “swag,” rented mansions, bling on lay a way plans, it’s beautiful to find a true diamond that would rather shine through the rubble to shed a little light for those who would otherwise be left in the dark. My spotlight poet this month is Luqmon Abdus-Salaam also known as Wiseservant.

You can catch Luqmon on twitter (@wiseservant) ranting about the NBA games but on occasions you can take part in an in depth view of Hip Hop, the artist, and society at the time of an album release. Many Hip Hop enthusiasts today are new to the true spirit and sport to put all of these aspects together to get a greater grasp on the message an artist like Nas was trying to convey at the specific time his album was released. I soon found myself asking @wiseservant about class, we called Hip Hop 101.

Wiseservant was a freelance journalist for many years. He interviewed Hip-Hop artist from Afrika Baby Bam, De La Soul, to Biggie. These big names never stopped his drive to work with the youth in and around his neighborhood of Pittsburg where he continues to shine today sharing his knowledge of the industry and history of Hip Hop with an unbroken chain of Isnad.

Wiseservant also works with Pittsburg native, Akil Esoon on ‘Blended Blue,’ which is a compilation of work built from the ground up. ‘Blended Blue’ allows the music to inspire the poetry, the spoken word. A poet, activist, essayist, blogger, teacher, and artist all words that loosely describe Luqmon, but the inspiration his work fashions in those around him tie it all together.

Twitter: @wiseservant