My Raichous Sista

From the rough streets of Moorpark, California, spawns a hard hitta on the turn tables, Dj Raichous. Just kidding. Moorpark, more like "Varsity Blue" -where everybody knows your name. Sister Rachelle a beautiful sister who puts it down on the one's and two's. Currently living in West L.A. she spreads her talents through Discouse Co. (, the iLLfonix Show, Dojo Sounds, and JazzFatNasty.

She came to Islam after meeting DJ Kidragon. She says that she has met many DJ's and artist but Kidragon wore the deen in his character, Mashallah. She, like many artist, sees her music as an opportunity to introduce Islam. You can imagine the number of hijabi's on this circuit are minimal. Her very presence becomes dawah. DJ Raichous says,"If you represent well in one aspect, Insha'Allah everything else you stand for becomes well represented also."

DJ Raichous becomes Saleeha with a paint brush. Her paintings are available online:

If you would like to see more about DJ Raichous, you can check her out in the film "Deen Tight"-

Hip Hop as a Movement Week

Look Out Wisconsin!


Panel Discussion: Religion & Hip Hop with Amir Sulaiman & MC K Swift


Wisconsin Historical Society

DANGEROUS CONCEPTS: A NEW WORKS SERIES featuring Our Ummah's Amir Sulaiman Performance 9:00pm, Wisconsin Historical Society

Warring Factions

Warring Factions was started in April of 2007 by an Iranian- American Muslim,Justin Mashouf. Mashouf allowed cameras to trek with him for a glimpse into his life as a Muslim American of a multi-cultural background in attempts to express his personal struggle with the East and West conflict.

Host: Noor Film FestivalDate: Saturday, May 2, 2009
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Fine Arts TheaterStreet: 8556 Wilshire Blvd.City/Town: Beverly Hills, CA

"As forces in American government and media have fueled the perception of an unavoidable war with Iran, Warring Factions is a call to (dis)arms. An American-born Iranian breakdancer finds cultural awakening by exploring his multi-ethnic roots. Faced with dual nationality in two conflicting countries, he travels to Iran to examine the political issues first-hand while exploring his cultural identity with a group of Iranian b-boys. By combining documentary and studio reenactments, Warring Factions looks at the blurring of world borders, and the looming threat of another war in the Middle East."

P.O.V- New Muslim Cool

New Muslim Cool started off in one direction, and Allah (SWT) the Greatest Director, presented a new vision for the project. After all the editing is done we have a story of one man, his journey, and his influence on so many lives near and distant.

Many brothas like to spread the propaganda of giving dawah, of helping out their fellow man, but it takes a true soldier to walk that talk. Sometimes when you talk to people you come to realize that words have no meaning to them. The words they speak and words you waste your time saying to them mean absolutely nothing. They are just words cleverly put together for them. In this film you will not see that. You will see a true soldier of Allah walking that talk.

Starting April 2, tickets go on sale for the official World Premiere at The San Francisco International Film Festival!

San Francisco International Film Festival Screenings are:
April 25, 2 PM -Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley- followed by FREE panel discussion
April 26, 3pm -Sundance Kabuki Cinemas in San Francisco and again May4, 6:30 pm

Discount screening tickets are available for groups of 15 or more, contact Ben Friedland at

Mashallah, P.O.V New Muslim Cool on PBS June 23rd at 10pm!

Attention San Diego!!! Monsters are coming to town!

Spoken Word: Abandoned Forgotten Erased:

Many like to say "Featuring Def Poetry Jams..." Naaa scratch that... Coming to Dego, the 61Nina, the Ummah's own Mark Gonzales, Suheir Hammad, Amir Sulaiman, and Liza Garza. This event is Hosted by UCSD MSA.

Spoken Word: Abandoned Forgotten Erased is scheduled for Friday, April 10, 2009 at 7:00pm You can behold the blessing of the MIC at UCSD Price Center Theatre.

MAPQUEST:9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, CA

Spoken Word: Abandoned Forgotten Erased is intended to bridge communities affected the struggles against injustices...this event is for acknowledgment of rights, human rights. This night is for demanding peace. This event will attempt to contain passion of the evenings artists. If you have never been in a crowd with these artists, and you live in California...this is an event to caravan for! In the past Mark Gonzalez and Amir Sulaiman blessed our community (LICC) with their talent for impressing inspiration. If you have a car, local Metro, you should make sincere intentions to attend!!

DEEN TIGHT (Special Private Viewing)

AND panel discussion with the cast!!!

Start time:
Saturday May 09, 2009 at 7:30 PM - Pacific Time

Ta'Leef Collective, 43170 Osgood Road, Fremont, CA 94539

Limited seating available. Be sure to purchase your tickets early, this event is expected to SELL OUT!

Attention Parents

There are Restrictions...Keep ya kids at home!! Absolutely no children allowed at the private viewing. Tickets for private viewing must be purchased in advance.

Things to look foward to: Deen Tight

Deen Tight is a documentary film directed by Mustafa Davis and Ilyas Curtis of Tabah Films set to premier in the Bay Area soon!

These brother's have truly put in a lot of work. Many times you go out to support a fellow Muslim. Sitting through their boot-leg film and say to them, " that was pretty good brotha." And go home and say to your wife, "Someone really needs to tell that brother to stop making movies." I want to tell these brothers to start working on more films!

Many shots were taken on location in the USA, U.K., and the Middle East to emphasize the global impact of hip hop Islam in both in Western and other Muslim cultures.“Deen Tight” focuses on the traditional religious ideals and the positive/negative influence of hip-hop on our Muslim Youth. Muslim Youth today, especially in San Diego, have used Hip-Hop as a means of dawah or an invitation to learn about Islam. Many traditionalist do not appreciate this form of invitation.

"Deen Tight" features interviews and appearances with well known Muslim artists such as HBO Def Poetry Jam Artist Amir Sulaiman, Kumasi of Black Wallstreet, Bay Area Underground Beat Maker Fanatik, Producer DJ Be Like Muhammad, DJ Kid Dragon, and others.

For more information visit the film website at

Remarkable Current

Written by JINX

When writing about Muslim Hip-Hop in America, you have to give respect to Remarkable Current. You must respect the courage of creating an outlet for American Muslims who are involved in this culture of hip-hop. I, like many, found it hard to leave the world of hip-hop behind. Only recently, have mainstream Americans become aware of hip-hop as a culture developed. Many Muslims from other countries are quick to hand out taqfirs like speeding tickets without understanding or cultural competency.

Proudly, Remarkable Current was founded in 2001. This squad of talent promotes the force of Islam in America. Directed by Anas Canon also known as belikeMuhammad, they have commanded the attention of both young and old, Muslim and Non-Muslim.

Remarkable Current has taken their movement from the basement and delivered their work to the world.

“My intention is really to help develop a Muslim American culture, something that is uniquely American, and also Muslim. Every great society that has been exposed to Islam found a way to synthesize Islam into their existing culture. The art that we create puts us in a position to define ourselves to the world, be it Muslim or American, and create an identity that is uniquely Muslim and uniquely Western or American.”
-Anas Canon, Executive Producer, Remarkable Current

Check out Remarkable Current at