During pregnancy she nurtures her unborn child with her own blood. She carries her unborn child for more than nine months providing from her own body. During child birth the danger of possible death is over shadowed by the excitement of meeting her unborn child. Once that child is born she again feeds from herself.
The ignorance of this crime is implausible. 
To assault a woman is cowardly. 
To attack a woman with a weapon is weak. 
To beat someone from behind in their own home is terrorism.
To leave a note saying, “Go back to your country you terrorist” is ironic.

Trayvon, We Can Do Better

Many of us have seen that beautiful baby face in a red Hollister t-shirt. This face is one that moves many to feel emotions that their cognition has not connected words to.  This is the face of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin.
   As parents, we move our children from rough and dangerous communities to keep our children safe, to provide them with opportunities, and to have a peace of mind when allowing them to walk to the corner store. The last thought in our mind would be that a vigil-anti would gun them down for … looking suspicious and black.
   On February 26, 2012 George Zimmerman confessed to fatally shooting Trayvon Martin and has not been arrested. A murderer walks free in Florida and it catches no media attention until February 29th. This grown man playing in his fantasy world of cops and robbers wasn’t registered as neighborhood watch. Of course, why would we expect anything less?

    Zimmerman has reportedly called the police with over three dozen false reports. He has also, violated the rules of the Neighborhood Watch which state that you are not to carry a gun nor are you to approach the assailant. Please note that the 911 dispatcher told him not to approach him as well. 

   Florida’s sorry excuse for a police department sent drug enforcement officers to the scene instead of homicide police. Also, they knew Trayvon was on his cell phone with his girlfriend the whole time. She heard everything that happened and to no surprise, the Florida police never speak to her because after all Zimmerman is claiming self-defense.  

   I know that many of you are starting to feel that doubt creeping up of the pit of your stomach. I want you to know that the doubt you feel is the whispers of the shayatin. When we rise, when we speak, we smack those people lying to themselves in the face with the truth. Not much has changed. Hip-Hop don’t believe the hype.

Over you will catch new tracks here regarding Trayvon.  R.I. P. Trayvon Martin and may your family find peace. 

The KONY 2012 Debate

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