WED 10.21.09
Featuring: DJ RAICHOUS

The Fresh Air Tour will be doing three shows in the Bay Area this weekend. They kick off tonight in Santa Cruz, CA at the Catalyst hit Slims in San Francisco Saturday night then finish up the weekend in Santa Clara at the Avalon Nightclub. Complete details for all three shows are below.

Venue: The Catalyst
Address: 1011 Pacific Ave
City: Santa Cruz, CA
Cost: $12/$16
Ages: 16+
Doors: 8:00PM
Performing: Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright & BK-One

Venue: Slim's
Address: 333 11th St.
City: San Francisco, CA
Cost: $15
Ages: All Ages
Doors: 8:00PM
Performing: Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright & BK-One

Venue: Avalon Nightclub
Address: 777 Lawrence Expressway
City: Santa Clara, CA
Cost: $15/$20
Ages: All Ages
Doors: 7:00PM
Performing: Brother Ali, Evidence, Toki Wright & BK-One

Digital Martyrs- Medicine ( MHHM warning not 4 yo' babies)

Brother Ali -

My head knoddin', California bouncin'... makes me want to pull my converse out the closet

Come on ya'll! This brotha smashed it!!!

Brother Ali interview on the Fresh Air Tour,Hip Hop and Islam

Lines of Faith

Hasan Salaam Video Blog

I'm Baaaack

As Salamu Alaikum all. I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Ramadan. As you see I took Ramadan off to focus on myself and my position with my Creator. It was the best Ramadan yet. I also took time to reflect on why I do this blog and if I want to continue. I came to the conclusion that I will continue to blog about Muslim Hip Hop for the love of the art and my support of the artist. I feel that Muslims around the world have plenty to say. Artist need many platforms and balconies to convey their message. Their message of peace or their message of pistivity.

I need to emphasize that I am no self proclaimed scholar or professional writer. I am however a sister who appreciates the culture of Hip Hop and supports her brothers and sisters doing their thing.

I did however feel the need to create an inward balance spiritually so I created a new blog called Reflecting Moment . This blog is filled with short reminders of Allah, His Mercy, and forgiveness. I want to share the reminders that keep me spiritually charged.

Inshallah, I will have more articles to come. Check out my updates on twitter, facebook, and myspace.