Hijabs and Halos

      As the truth in the case of Shaima Alawadi’s brutal murder is tested in labs, coffee house circles of intellectual, on Facebook and Twitter the human of us have to put our egos aside and recognize that there are five children waking up for Fajr without their mother. There is a family that will have to live with the fact that someone beat this woman to death with a tire iron. I saw a post on Facebook and I didn’t just want to tweet it or share it on my own Facebook. I felt that it needed more attention than that. I decided to post it on my blog.

"Dear World:
...over a week ago, an Iraqi Mother named Shaima Alawadi was found in a coma from being beaten by a tire iron, sustaining injuries from which she would later die from. Her death, originally believed to be a hate crime, is now being speculated by some to be an honor killing.

a) What I KNOW is a mother was murdered, and THAT is why I mourn, not because of the shade of WHO did the murder.
b) Our denouncing the taking of innocent life should not be contingent upon who pulls the trigger & swings the tire iron.
c) In my opinion "Honor Killings" ARE hate crimes.

*Justice for ALL lives stolen. | *HoodiesHijabsAndHalos. ~ Mark Gonzales"