The Way I Be Leaning- Kumasi

Farid- Mashallah!

A breath of fresh air.

It's a hot Saturday afternoon in S.D. I make my Dhuhr, throw my kids around on the bed, laugh at facebook, and finally check my email. I receive a brief note with a link. I check it out, hoping for the best...
WHAT!?! Where have you been? Why do I not have your CD? I need be in my back yard pumpin' this and drinking lemonade. Please check out his videos and links below. All I can say is Mashallah! Thank you so much for the link, and may Allah grant you success in this life and the next.

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Third Eye Collective Presents: Solano County Fair Performance

Go, Producer of Third Eye Collective
Digital Martyrs

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

7:00pm - 10:00pm

Solano County Fairgrounds
900 Fairgrounds Drive
Vallejo, CA


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The Ashes

"After starting to record his album, he changed his name from ‘Osiris’ to using his own birth name and got rid of over 60 tracks."

Tai Mahmud decided to refrain from the use of profanity in his material committing to keeping it real as well as clean. Tai Mahmud is such a skilled lyricist expressing him self with such passion without explications seems to come so effortless.

"Colorful vocabulary and punch lines show with an intense and gripping flow that distinguishes Tai from a rising genre."

After watching this video of evidence, he is certainly a brother to look out for. I have nothing to say about this brother because he says so much. I could never do him justice, I'll just let him speak for himself!

Born Tragedy

I thought this was chill-but deep

What is New Muslim Cool?

I hope everyone had an opportunity to check out this film on PBS! Put it on your DVR. This film was a huge step for Muslim Americans. Much of the footage you see of Muslims on television is of immigrants Muslims or Black Muslims from the Nation. I can identify with this film as an American Muslim. I am so proud of my Muslim brother. He has truly come along way. Becoming the son his mother always wanted him to be. Jihad is every man's struggle, but some cowards choose to close their eyes and listen to Lil Wayne.

Bye to Vibe !?!

R.I.P., Vibe, 1993-2009
Someone had to be around to document hip-hop’s journey to the center of the pop-cultural universe. Enter Vibe. But now it’s gone. Where does that leave hip-hop?

Where is Kumasi?