The Ashes

"After starting to record his album, he changed his name from ‘Osiris’ to using his own birth name and got rid of over 60 tracks."

Tai Mahmud decided to refrain from the use of profanity in his material committing to keeping it real as well as clean. Tai Mahmud is such a skilled lyricist expressing him self with such passion without explications seems to come so effortless.

"Colorful vocabulary and punch lines show with an intense and gripping flow that distinguishes Tai from a rising genre."

After watching this video of evidence, he is certainly a brother to look out for. I have nothing to say about this brother because he says so much. I could never do him justice, I'll just let him speak for himself!


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This is deep! It makes me angry out our government, so I guess you could say his work is done!