Farid- Quality R&B 2009

A far cry from the folk melodies associated with Islamic Music, 26 years old Farid’s soulful sound is a breeze of fresh air to convert/ revert to Islam. Born to a father from Indonesia and his mother from Singapore, Farid calls his birth place San Jose and his stomping ground Santa Clara.

Born and raised as a practicing Muslim, he attended Granada Islamic School in Santa Clara. Being raised in America, he was completely part of American culture, and was very much exposed to R&B/Pop/Hip Hop. At first, he was taught Music was haram, but later realized that there are different opinions. He expresses, “We can’t ignore avenues of communication to our youth. I was/am a youth, and Music spoke to me and continues to.”

When asked about the collaboration for the song “Fitnah” he says that he and Tyson grew up in San Jose and have been close friends for many years. “People who share the same interests are bound to hook up.”

At first his parents too, felt music was haram. However, their perspective changed as scholars opinions started to accept music. They've become way more lenient in the last couple yrs. At this point, his parents are full supporters of what he does and are proud of his music

“I’m very particular about my music and songs, so I need to write everything. My favorite writer is Babyface, because his songs are very poetic and sophisticated, yet the language is common enough that everyone can still connect”…”For "Fitna", Tyson co-wrote some of my lyrics, but the bulk of that song and all my other songs, I write.”

The Album 3 years in the making set to drop soon!


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