I'm Baaaack

As Salamu Alaikum all. I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Ramadan. As you see I took Ramadan off to focus on myself and my position with my Creator. It was the best Ramadan yet. I also took time to reflect on why I do this blog and if I want to continue. I came to the conclusion that I will continue to blog about Muslim Hip Hop for the love of the art and my support of the artist. I feel that Muslims around the world have plenty to say. Artist need many platforms and balconies to convey their message. Their message of peace or their message of pistivity.

I need to emphasize that I am no self proclaimed scholar or professional writer. I am however a sister who appreciates the culture of Hip Hop and supports her brothers and sisters doing their thing.

I did however feel the need to create an inward balance spiritually so I created a new blog called Reflecting Moment http://www.reflectingmoment.blogspot.com . This blog is filled with short reminders of Allah, His Mercy, and forgiveness. I want to share the reminders that keep me spiritually charged.

Inshallah, I will have more articles to come. Check out my updates on twitter, facebook, and myspace.


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