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So Why Sound Heart?

sound . . .
. A vibration that can be heard or perceived through the sense of hearing: I heard the sound echo through the room.

2. In good condition; without flaw or disease; pure: He is a man of sound intellect.

Given these two definitions of sound, the album title, Sound Heart, has a dual meaning. On the first level, this album encases the Sounds of Hearts. Every artist, musician, poet, rapper, singer, dj, producer, and engineer who had a part in this album poured their heart into the work they contributed. The album is the product of over two years of hard work. Much has changed for me in these two years but the album retains, and even increases on many levels, its potency and relevance. It can honestly be said that this album is the “sound of heart(s)”.

The second meaning is of course related to the deeper objective of attaining a heart pure and free of disease and flaw. The goal of the spiritual path is to achieve a sound heart. For only such a heart can, to the limits of human capacity, behold the Most High. Purification of the hearts is a science that has been perfected and applied by prophets, saints, and true women and men of God and has been passed down through an unbroken chain to this very day. “The voice was never silent, the question is who will heed the call.”

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Remarkable Current Presents . . .
Saturday, July 31st • 8pm-Midnight
Beautiful Private Residence in Oakland, CA

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$15 per person / ADVANCE SALES ONLY* (adults please)
*Ticket price includes a FREE copy of Disembodied Kneelings (a $13 value),
Complimentary Hors D’Oeuvres & Chocolate Fondue Fountain!
PARTY LOCATION: Oakland, CA - exact Party address sent via email when you buy a ticket.

Intimate event with the artists ~ EVERYONE IS WELCOME!
We humbly request fancy attire ~ please wear a mask.

Evening culminates with Baraka Blue reading selections from his book Disembodied Kneelings.
Baraka Blue will be available throughout the event to personally sign your copy of his poetry book.


Special acappella version of selected Sound Heart songs now available for beat-makers!
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Share your remix of a Sound Heart song and submit it to Remarkable Current.
Baraka Blue & RC’s crew will listen and vote on the best.
The winner will receive HOME PAGE placement for RC’s fans to download and enjoy!
Send in your remix to: info@remarkablecurrent.com



Check out Baraka Blue and DJ Anas Canon's "Celebrate EID" song for CAIR New York's “EID in NYC Public Schools”
The campaign was requesting that
"New York City Department of Education recognize Muslim holidays
[like EID] because doing so would send a powerful message that Muslims are a valued part of the diverse New York City community."

Check out the article in Elan Magazine highlighting this powerful collaboration:
Rally and a Rap Song for Muslim Holidays in NYC

by Farrah Hamid

New Book of Poems 
by Baraka Blue

Baraka Blue has selected 19 of his favorite poems for a special 1st Edition printing of Disembodied Kneelings.
Included in this special edition is an introduction by the author.

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