Digital Martyrs

I am always receiving new music in my inbox and email, but when I downloaded Digital Martyrs I was immediately hooked. Their beats are reminiscent of B-boy battle grounds and lyrics that demand freedom, not less oppression. I appreciate the clean delivery of their message permitting my tribe to enjoy their music as well.

Najiyya: Where are you from, and where do you reside now?
Digital Martyrs: We are originally from San Diego California. Today, we reside in the Bay Area

Najiyya: How did Digital Martyrs come together?
Digital Martyrs: Digital Martyrs came together naturally. See we’re brothers and we both had an interested in music in general. Off Balance produces and the Archetype does all the talking. Back in the day, though, both of us were into all the facets of music production, from vocals to production. We just picked our spots and knew each other’s role. And thus, came the Digital Martyrs

Najiyya: How long has the group been together?
Digital Martyrs: The group has been active since 2001. However, we’ve been making music since the mid nineties.

Najiyya: Who were some of your musical influences?
Digital Martyrs: Our musical influences are so vast that it would literally take a whole other separate interview listing down who inspires us. Sounds pretty cliché, right? To give you the short version, we’re influenced by musicians of all types, from Max Romeo and the Upsetters to Sage Francis, Brother Ali, Mos Def, Portishead, Stylistics, Gil Scott Heron, Theloneous Monk, and a slew of others.

Najiyya: For me, your music reflects many different aspects of the struggles in living life, as a Muslim, as a Filipino, as an American. What is/are the message(s) that you want your audience to wake up to when listening to your music?
Digital Martyrs: The ultimate message is to fight back what is oppressing you. As Filipino Muslim Americans, we know all too well what is front of us and what we have to do to move forward. We take a never say die attitude with our music.

Najiyya: Are active in your community?
Digital Martyrs: We have done rallies, workshops, and held an open stage, open mic setup for the youth to get what they need to get off of their chests. Most recently, we did an Egyptian rally at Napa Valley College. We spoke about the situation in Northern Africa, to the situation in the Middle East.
Najiyya: Where can the people get a copy of your album?
Digital Martyrs: We’re always posting new music on our website, Look for us on sound cloud and band, too. Currently we’re putting together an album that will be released later this year.

Najiyya: What is your contact/booking information?
Digital Martyrs: @digitalmartyrs on twitter.

Click to listen:
J Dilla Tribute
Sweetest Fruit- Mos Def, Baraka Blue, Digital Martyrs
"F*ck You, Pay Me"


Anonymous said...

Shout out from Napa Valley! Solidaridad

Unknown said...

Shout-outs from Fresno! Califaztlan! From Hashid Kasama! Stay up on that Ibada! No more drama, flip the sentence with a comma! InshaAllah we gonna stay on our salats, life's a jihad to stay on our rakats, gotta stabilize the mind, the spirit in the rhyme, on time, openin' up our eyes, to see the fitna in these times, to protect our people, shout-outs to Off Balance, cuz we cuttin' the tracks like Havoc! Feel the Static! These rhymes are automatic

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