That Beatrock Music

Two San Diego brothers, Off Balance and Archetype, also known as Digital Martyrs, have taken 16 selections of Beatrock Music and martyred it. 

The enticingly sweet remix of Rocky Rivera’s  MRSHMLO accentuates the power punches in Rocky’s flow. Track #5, Slow Down feat. Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars and Bambu is straight rebel music. The guitar loop reminiscent to 80’s rebellious rock mixed with some head banging hip hop and Bambu on the mic is fire! Enough said. Blood of My Heart remix feat. Archetype of #Skynet and Power Struggle has the classic sounds of romantic Spain over a dope drum line and nothing less than lovely rhymes. 

Digital Marytrs Remix Betraock is the poetic stories of the people laid out over a California spin. I usually don't do reviews but this remix is a must have.

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