size doesn’t matter
we are small in proportion to this world
mass appeal
doesn’t in no way signify the significance of an idea
the masses
massive acceptance of bullshit proves my point
the massive masses aren’t entirely lost
the minute, miniscule, minority isn’t always right
shades of gray only exist in the presence of ignorance
shades of grey only exist in the presence of ignorance
understanding is fundamental
reading helps-
make understanding more sound
understanding coupled with inactivity is counter productive
counteract your inactivity with activism instead of acting
like you stand for something
don’t play-
hang man-
with your soul…
a man whose words do not exceed pass his throat
will one day choke

make sure
you don’t have a glass jaw
or a glass image
for we all fall and hit rock bottom
and glass shatters into a thousand pieces

 by: Muhammad Yahya Oda 

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