P.O.V- New Muslim Cool

New Muslim Cool started off in one direction, and Allah (SWT) the Greatest Director, presented a new vision for the project. After all the editing is done we have a story of one man, his journey, and his influence on so many lives near and distant.

Many brothas like to spread the propaganda of giving dawah, of helping out their fellow man, but it takes a true soldier to walk that talk. Sometimes when you talk to people you come to realize that words have no meaning to them. The words they speak and words you waste your time saying to them mean absolutely nothing. They are just words cleverly put together for them. In this film you will not see that. You will see a true soldier of Allah walking that talk.

Starting April 2, tickets go on sale for the official World Premiere at The San Francisco International Film Festival!

San Francisco International Film Festival Screenings are:
April 25, 2 PM -Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley- followed by FREE panel discussion
April 26, 3pm -Sundance Kabuki Cinemas in San Francisco and again May4, 6:30 pm

Discount screening tickets are available for groups of 15 or more, contact Ben Friedland at bfriedland@sffs.org

Mashallah, P.O.V New Muslim Cool on PBS June 23rd at 10pm!

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