Remarkable Current

Written by JINX

When writing about Muslim Hip-Hop in America, you have to give respect to Remarkable Current. You must respect the courage of creating an outlet for American Muslims who are involved in this culture of hip-hop. I, like many, found it hard to leave the world of hip-hop behind. Only recently, have mainstream Americans become aware of hip-hop as a culture developed. Many Muslims from other countries are quick to hand out taqfirs like speeding tickets without understanding or cultural competency.

Proudly, Remarkable Current was founded in 2001. This squad of talent promotes the force of Islam in America. Directed by Anas Canon also known as belikeMuhammad, they have commanded the attention of both young and old, Muslim and Non-Muslim.

Remarkable Current has taken their movement from the basement and delivered their work to the world.

“My intention is really to help develop a Muslim American culture, something that is uniquely American, and also Muslim. Every great society that has been exposed to Islam found a way to synthesize Islam into their existing culture. The art that we create puts us in a position to define ourselves to the world, be it Muslim or American, and create an identity that is uniquely Muslim and uniquely Western or American.”
-Anas Canon, Executive Producer, Remarkable Current

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