My Raichous Sista

From the rough streets of Moorpark, California, spawns a hard hitta on the turn tables, Dj Raichous. Just kidding. Moorpark, more like "Varsity Blue" -where everybody knows your name. Sister Rachelle a beautiful sister who puts it down on the one's and two's. Currently living in West L.A. she spreads her talents through Discouse Co. (, the iLLfonix Show, Dojo Sounds, and JazzFatNasty.

She came to Islam after meeting DJ Kidragon. She says that she has met many DJ's and artist but Kidragon wore the deen in his character, Mashallah. She, like many artist, sees her music as an opportunity to introduce Islam. You can imagine the number of hijabi's on this circuit are minimal. Her very presence becomes dawah. DJ Raichous says,"If you represent well in one aspect, Insha'Allah everything else you stand for becomes well represented also."

DJ Raichous becomes Saleeha with a paint brush. Her paintings are available online:

If you would like to see more about DJ Raichous, you can check her out in the film "Deen Tight"-

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