Hasan Salaam 2009

Do you remember....

of course you do. 2005 the only information I could find on Hasan Salaam was on his myspace page. Today in 2009 you can google "Hasan Salaam" and find his bio everywhere from small media outlets to wikipedia.

Hasan Salam has spent time in the U.K. and Germany rolling in his double decker bus, late nights in the chip shops, and representing at the Battle Scars competition in Brixton http://www.eodub.com/mc-challenge/mc-challenge-results/article/33.html. He performed with SPEAKERS CORNER QUARTET http://www.blogger.com/www.myspace.com/speakerscornerquartet%20- - and DJ SNUFF.

Since the release of his new album "Children of God" he intends to schedule more shows around the U.S. and Europe throughout the year with Immortal Technique. He also has another project in the works with a few brothas in his camp labeled "Muhammad Dangerfield". Look out for that one!

He continues to work with 5th Column and conduct monthly food and clothing drives in Jersey City. He also works with youth aiding them in creative writing and chess. He is a real genuine brother who was inspired by the lives of his students and his own when creating "Children of God." He holds himself to be a person of action and interaction with Muslims and non-Muslims. You can reach him on twitter, facebook, aim, and myspace.

"Children of God" is available on Itunes and at cdbaby.com/cd/hasansalaam4

"There is a reason Zakat and Salaat are mentioned so closely in the Quran. Prayer without the action in our lives to help others (Muslim and Non-Muslim) is just a show. The word Is am is rooted in the Aramaic word "Lam" which means Peace, as Muslims we should be the peacemakers and show and prove on our faith. Standing up against injustice and aiding those who are in need creates peace."- Hasan Salaam

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