New Muslim Cool in the Wold Beat Center-May 2009

Sister Makeda, known throughout San Diego as Reggae Makossa on Radio 91X Sundays at 8pm, opened her home, the World Beat Center, to the community of LICC. Makeda is one who respects and honors culture and religion which made it very easy to approach her with the idea for a San Diego screening of New Muslim Cool.
Muslims and non-Muslims enjoyed vegetarian patties and pizza, live Cuban Music, and free Starbucks coffee which is always great! Muslim children brought with them their non-Muslim friends and family. Non-Muslims who came found New Muslim friendship. Together we watched an ex-drug dealer's road to redemption. Non-Muslims were able to see that Muslims have the same struggles. Also we were able to witness that divorce and homelessness did not stop this brother's effort to help others discover and walk their own road to redemption.
Hamza offered a Question and Answer session with the viewers. He spoke briefly on the fact the our Prophet, Peace be upon Him, did not only help Muslims, but those who were not Muslim as well. That we need to look at people as human beings not as Muslim, Jew, Christian, Black, White and Latino. My favorite quote from Hamza was, "We cannot offer a sandwich in one hand and a pamphlet in the other."

Hamza had a sore throat the night before the viewing of "New Muslim Cool." Amir Tariq gave him a tea of garlic, ginger, and honey. Later that morning he said he still did not feel well so I gave him apple cider vinegar and honey. Umm....that didn't go to well but he managed to perform anyway. DJ Kidragon on the 1's Y2's and great ending to an inspiring day.
Shout out to: Catherine Balisacan Jesse, Makeda, WorldBeat Center, Rachelle Djraichous Chua, Nada, Summaiyya Lee, AsadAllah, Milaan Shaheed Sharifa Ahmed, Layla, JazmineGrace Rano ,Mohamed Geraldez, Jason Hamza Perez, Najiyya Alim, Ron Kidragon Valdez, Mujahid, Eugene Dinoso Ditona, Walasia Al-haliymu Shabazz, Omar Mahmoud, Isa Palenzuela, Abu Bakr, Edgar Hopida, Jihad, Joshua Lopez, Malik Guimzon, Dawud Abdul-Alim, Muhammad Yusuf, Shahab, Bilal, Ali Malik, Mustafa, Omar Mendoza Mahmood, Basheer, Rami, Maria, Else, Onslaught, Dr. Jeffers, Matt, Omar Qureshi, Nabib, Abdul Qadir, Yusuf, may Allah bless you all for all of your efforts and hard work. LICC - a community powered by Allah.

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