Please Offendum

As I orbit around myspace I come to a street called straight. Syrian American, Omar Offendum ( performing in front of an ocean of diversity. Confident but not arrogant, and smooth without fumbling his delivery.
It was amazing to me that someone so clean has been undiscovered and unadvertised. I guess this is why he is not commercial. There is no gimmick about him. He comes true without trying to get by with his Muslim card.
Omar was raised in an Arab-Muslim sub community. With a supportive and open minded family to guide him in finding a balance within his culture and religious life he was given the encouragement to develop his talents.
Growing up in D.C., home to BET, hip-hop was a part of the youth culture. In college he began making beats, MCing and performing with his partner Mr. Tibbz. Together they were known as N.O.M.A.D.S.
He has spent two years in the lab to get the chemistry right for a timeless record that will, Inshallah, impact his audience. An Arabic/English, Nizar Qabbani meets Langston Hughes. A Syrianamericana firmly rooted in hip hop.
Biddee 3iish= I want to LIVE!!
Working with Project Elev8, Omar uses his art to reach out to Muslim youth in L.A. According to their site (,their goal is to challenge youth of different socio-economic backgrounds to promote community activism through education.
Modest, he does not go on tour but he performs upon invitation!

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