New Muslim Cool in Rohr Park- May 2009

LICC is a community of diversity in background, culture and ethnicity. It is no wonder that most visitors feel they are amongst family. This small community is grounded by deen and dawah who ask no financial compensation for their efforts.

Chef Asadullah killing it at the grill with his secret sauce. He grilled chicken and hot dogs with the blessing of Bismillah. The community came together to create a mestizo of side dishes from mangoes to baked beans. No one diets at an LICC Bar *B *Q!

The sisters tried to maintain their composure as "You Got the Right Stuff" by New Kids on the Block played on the Ipod. All giggles as their hands gestured "The Rebok" and any other dance that was associated with that video. (its on Youtube!!). Why did everyone get excited when "Thriller" came on? They had mentioned a video with Filipino prisoners learning the dance routine? Idunno... anyway back to Rohr Park...

Brothers politicking at the grill ,as usual,and babies chasing after bubbles. It was a Muslim Cool Day in Rohr Park.

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